Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wow,Log in Succesful

Its been months since my last entry...because of my itchy hand,changed the blog setting until i cant seem to log in.Seems like while this blog remain inactive,still got people spamming it...cough2...Hmm....until the next post...i am currently under a lots of i will pull through...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life,oh life...

Good news to share,passed my Part 1,having difficulty gaining my pace to study for part 2...somebody need to inject me with some motivation booster....

Able to switch department to Respiratory/Med,yes,dream came true....:)

Had a great trip in Taiwan.Felt free and easy,food paradise,nice scenery,with plenty of nice Taiwanese to help with the directions.Simply loved their public transport and food!!Not to forget cute dogs everywhere.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Enough with the neglect

Time to type!

It's really been awhile since my last entry.Looking back 2011 has not been easy.But what the hell,let bygone be bygone.

2012 may bring changes in all aspect of my life,just praying for the best may come.But whatever it is,i will try my best to take it as it comes,good or bad.

Attempted 2nd time MRCP exam part 1,so the verdict coming on Feb 10,hope it is good news this time,if it's not,might as well try again :).Spending the rest of my holidays with family back in west Malaysia.Just to sit down ,eat and watch TV shows together,im contented.

Gave myself a one day KL trip.Spent money like there's no tomorrow,but all had to be done anyway.Got extra 4 holes on my leather shoes,so need to buy a new pairs.Melted my working pants with the iron,so bought a few more just in case.Shopping can be so agonizing,especially when you cant find the things you are looking for...But saw some really nice CNY decoration especially in Pavillion,im so impressed with the Dragon.

In 2 more days it's time to start working again....sigh the sense of dread and unwillingness....Hope time whizz by sooner to month of March!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The ripple effect

Every incident happen in life leaves its consequences/after effect.

A friend that passed away suddenly made me realize again how abrupt and unpredictable life can be.Rather than sulking and being unhappy most of the times,i should make myself happier,and enjoy life more.

When routine sets in,life will get numb.It's not all about work,but the small encounter during the process that need to be cherish.I need to make sure ,the negative enviroment im in,doesnt take away the passion i had.To give up a dream and try to live others,it's worse than suicide.

So the conclusion,i will still stand by my dream!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Question of the day

Consultant :What is the most common brain tumor in Adults?
HO (girl) :Metastasis,thyroid carcinoma,rectum...
Consultant :What else...
HO (girl) :Erm...
Consultant :What do you have that other people dont have?
HO (girl) :Testis!?

Thank you for making my day,LOL....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

End of september...

It's another month filled with different emotion/different encounter...My life has been far from simple/dull.Workings days for me it's never been always easy.But i think saying goodbye probably it's the hardest thing in life.Well ,life goes on for everyone...Live Life

Until we meet again -housemate/colleague/swimming kaki /my friend :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


Yes,it was a weird night.For no reason i had a can of nescafe,difficult to sleep....Finally slept at 1 the middle of the night woken up ,the window was opened,the shades was pulled to one side,and i could see a shadow standing near a window...

"HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!"i shouted,and he jumped down from the window side...

I couldnt slept well...This is the first time i felt so insecure in a house

Wished i had the stick or my squash racqet with me,then i can whack the brains out of the malicious thief!!!!